Datactor can audit your website to WCAG 2.0 Level AA or Level AAA if preferred.

An Accessibility Audit is not as expensive as you may think and is extremely important to ensure that your customers are getting the best from your website. We have no minimum or maximum number of pages we can audit but it is our recommendation that you choose pages unique in design, content and functionality to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from going through the process.

Typically, you would be looking to select between 10 and 25 pages to be audited. Whist we can audit your website against the WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Guidelines, we also offer a Mobile Accessibility Audit which can be procured in conjunction with your Web Accessibility Audit or it can be separate.

The web accessibility audit process

Our website audit is much more than evaluating your website against the guidelines. Whilst these are an important element within the audit, we believe that adhering to the guidelines in isolation does not necessarily make an accessible and usable website. Therefore, in addition to manual checks we also provide the following:

We test all pages with:

  1. Screen reading software
  2. Voice recognition software
  3. Magnification software
  4. Keyboard only
  5. Text-only browsers
  6. Color Blind Analyser

We also provide a usability section where issues encountered during the review which do not fall under the guidelines are highlighted together with recommended solutions.

Deliverables for your web accessibility audit

Datactor will provide you with the following:

Written Report – The report will include the following sections:

Executive Summary – highlighting areas where the website has performed well together with the main barriers identified during the review.

Barriers and Solutions – Detailing all barriers split by Priority level for WCAG audits. Each barrier is described in full together with a recommended solution. All solutions will be detailed in both a technical and non-technical manner to enable both managerial and technical staff to gain maximum benefit from the report.

Expert Assistive Technology Review – Detailing barriers encountered when accessing the website with assistive technologies, along with appropriate solutions.

Usability Review – Detailing additional barriers which do not come under specific WCAG checkpoints or Section 508, but do impact on the accessibility and usability of the website.